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BitComet 1.06


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BitComet 1.06  Change Log

  • GUI Improved: rearrange main menu, ools changes to software, options changes to ools
  • GUI Improved: add submenu to select default save directory in tools menu
  • GUI Improved: improve directory setting panel in option dialog. double click to set default save directory
  • GUI Improved: new Web Interface setting panel in option dialog
  • GUI Improved: add MD5 verify pane to HTTP/FTP task properties dialog
  • GUI Improved: downloaded files can be moved to candidate directory from context menu of task list
  • GUI Improved: add downloaded size and uploaded size columns in task list (hidden by default)
  • GUI Improved: remove Flv player from install package
  • GUI Improved: improve Long-Time seeding display in peer list
  • GUI Bugfix: fix some translation errors.
  • Core Improved: new Web Interface modular, to remote BitComet from web browser (disabled by default)
  • Core Improved: improve Long-Time Seeding module
  • Core Improved: increase first-time loading speed of torrent share list
  • Core Improved: limit download rate for HTTP task automatically when download speeding larger than disk writing speed, to avoid wasting too many memory for disk cache
  • Core Improved: update eMule plugin to v0.49b
  • Core Bugfix: UI may response slowly when downloading BT task in high speed
  • Core Bugfix: program crash after install IE8 beta

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