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K Lite Codec Pack 2.8.8 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

K Lite Codec Pack 2.8.8  Change Log

  • Updated ffdshow to revison 1097
  • Updated x264 VFW to revision 621
  • Removed DirectVobSub 2.33. It is available as a separate installer.
  • Removed Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher. It is available as a separate installer. Most modern players and also Haali Media Splitter already have a build in stream switcher.
  • Removed Voxware MetaSound decoder. It is available as a separate installer.
  • Improved Codec Tweak Tool
  • This version of the codec pack does not support Windows 98/ME/NT4. Users of these old Operating Systems don't need to worry. There will be future versions of this codec pack that will work on these old versions of Windows. A pack that runs on all versions of Windows will be released every few months or when there are important changes/updates. The previous version of this pack runs perfectly fine on Windows 98/ME/NT4.

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