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VLC Media Player 0.8.6b 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

VLC Media Player 0.8.6b  Change Log

  • Various bugfixes, notably:
  • Out-of-bound read in demuxers
  • Demuxers crashes (incl. CVE-2007-0256)
  • Mac OS X Interface crashes
  • VP31 decoding on Windows platforms
  • Direct3D Video Output modifications for Vista compatibility
  • Correct behaviour for feeding streams to Icecast or Shoutcast servers
  • Decoders:
  • Enhanced Flash Video support incl. VP61 and VP60
  • Teletext subtitles (telx) support
  • Webbrowser plugins:
  • Rectified behaviour and improved usability
  • Mac OS X Interface & Port:
  • Diverse usability improvements
  • New wizard option to embed subtitles
  • Screensaver/automatic sleep mode is enabled when a video is paused
  • Improved Delete-Preferences-Script

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